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Absolute Poker Bonus Code

We are delighted to introduce the Absolute poker bonus code today.

But first what is Absolute Poker?

Absolute Poker is a medium size poker room that accepts all players including American players. So if you live in the United States, you should pay particular attention to our offer below as very few online poker rooms allow US players.

Because the law is unclear at this moment, no one knows for sure if it is legal to be a poker operator and most poker rooms have decided not to take the risk and left the US market.

But Absolute Poker consulted some of the top lawyers specialized in gambling laws, and they determined that it was not illegal for Absolute Poker to offer online poker.

Hence this is our pleasure to introduce the absolute poker bonus code YOUGET200 that effectively let you receive a 200% bonus instead of the regular 150% bonus as listed on their main site. This is an exclusive offer reserved to our readers and you will not find it elsewhere.

Another interesting feature to be aware of if you opt to join AP is that they have a popular bad beat jackpot. This gives you the ability to potentially win a fortune on top of your regular grinding profit in case (bad) luck hit you.

In this case bad luck turns into fantastic good luck if you succeed in hitting the jackpot

So join us now at Absolute Poker and remember to type in the bonus code YOUGET200 if you want to get 200% bonus instead of 150%.

Best Poker Room

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This website is a Tom Dwan's fan site developed by some of his fans but we did not ask or get Tom Dwam's authorisation to do so. Anyway we do not believe that he would object as he is one of the most popular online poker pros with thousands of fans, and he clearly likes people to talk about him. As a matter of fact he is one of the most talked about online poker pros, and this is one reason why full tilt poker offered him the unique privilege to join their exclusive Team Full Tilt of top pros.