Tom Dwan

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Tom Dwan at Full Tilt Even though he is barely 21, Tom Dwan has already made his mark on the world of poker, both online and in live poker rooms at casinos.

Tom's legend stems from the fact that he made a $50 deposit at Empire Poker when he was seventeen and turned this into millions of dollars in just a few years.

Tom is rumored to have made about 5 or 6 million dollars profits in 2008, but unfortunately 2009 was a very bad year for him and he lost almost all of it.

In any case Tom Dwan is not bankrupt as he can still be seen playing at the high stakes tables of Full Tilt Poker.

Tom is certainly used to big swings and this is what it takes to be a ultra high stakes poker player. One needs to be able to swallow the downside swings, and Tom has certainly demonstrated that he has the stomach for that.

Tom's top player status was confirmed in 2009 when Full Tilt Poker offered him a much coveted membership to the exclusive Team Full Tilt which only has 14 members, such as Phil Ivey and Chris Ferguson.

Tom Dwan has appeared on the televised poker show "High Stakes Poker" where he won the largest pot so far, winning a $919k pot versus Barry Greenstein.

Tom Dwan has been successful at live tournament events, winning cumulative prizes over $1.1 million. This includes $226k for finishing second at the 2008 WPT Borgata Winter Open and $324k for 4th place at the 2007 WPT World Poker Finals.

As of the end of 2009 and despite large bankroll swings, it is believed that Dom Dwan's profits at Full Tilt Poker since 2007 are approximately $1.4 million.

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This website is a Tom Dwan's fan site developed by some of his fans but we did not ask or get Tom Dwam's authorisation to do so. Anyway we do not believe that he would object as he is one of the most popular online poker pros with thousands of fans, and he clearly likes people to talk about him. As a matter of fact he is one of the most talked about online poker pros, and this is one reason why full tilt poker offered him the unique privilege to join their exclusive Team Full Tilt of top pros.