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A tournament result

$2,500 N/L Hold'em; 500 entrants, $1,250,000 prize pool

For 3 days, the feature event of the JCPC highlighted what every player was aiming for - a televised final table, the largest Canadian prize pool of 2012 so far, and the chance to mix it up with some major names in poker.

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With sell-out entrants, 37 of which came from the super-satellite that 552 hopefuls entered the day before, the tournament kicked off, still awaiting the appearance of the host, Johnny Chan himself. Others high profile players like Nenad Medic, the Niagara Falls native, wound in late to one of the back tables.

Much of the field was a who's-who of CPT Champions, final tablists and point leaders on the Canadian Poker Tour; not to mention that aside from the presence of Johnny Chan, there were other well-known names who entered such as Gavin Smith, Steve Paul-Ambrose and Scott Fischman. CPT alumni champions such as Tony Pitaoulis, Mike Hwang, Jerry Carter and Buddy Ashmore also played. John "Snoopy" Tanchuk showed off his recently acquired championship ring from winning the Western Canadian Poker Classic CPT event in Edmonton the week prior.

Speaking to John later in the tournament he said, "I've been doing very well with the CPT lately. I won the no limit event in Edmonton, which was my first time winning a big event like that. The competition here has been fierce and I went out just before the money, but the highlight of the tournament was getting my picture taken with Johnny last time he was here this time having him sign it for me."

Great also to see many past champions, runner-ups and final tablists that enjoyed success at previous CPT events held at River Rock - James Hawkins as the BC Poker Champion in 2005 and his successor David White from Abbotsford in the 2006 BCPC. Bridesmaids for the BCPC in 2005 and 2006 both played - Brain Henningson and Derrick Law, respectively.

Yukon Brad was an early pro elimination; after flopping trip 9's with his A-9, he felt he that would hold up quite nicely when all the money got into the middle. His opponent's pocket 5's were way behind until spiking one of his 2 outs on the turn and knocking Brad from the tournament.

"I need to adjust my play when players were gunning for me," Brad explained after having to take the walk of shame. "I need to be able to showdown some hands and have them hold up to make in the in the long run. Vancouver is like my hometown so I'm comfortable playing here. Players were really willing to check-call me and didn't give me much credit for a hand." Lots of heart, but no luck, leaving Derrick Law and James Lopushinsky to carry the Yukon torch.

Upbeat as always though, Brad will surely rebound from this with his success on High Stakes Poker and I'm sure we'll see more of him at CPT events. "Just being a part of the Canadian Poker Tour is awesome," he said. "Seeing the growth of Canadian poker from a few years ago, I'd like to think that I've been able to grow with it. I'm really looking forward to the future."

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